Adobe Flash Player Win / Mac View Flash file in Windows and Browser

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player  Or Flash Player is a free software for viewing multimedia files, running Internet applications and video and audio and content created on the Adobe Flash platform. Adobe Flash Player Flash Player can be supported and run on a web browser as a browser add-on or on mobile devices.

Some features of Adobe Flash Player

  • ActionScript: ActionScript script
  • New virtual machine: Equipped with Virtual Machine or a new virtual machine
  • Increased performance: Increases productivity and productivity
  • Enhanced security: increase security
  • Display API: Display API functions
  • File upload / download: Upload and download files
  • Enhanced expressiveness: More expressive this version
  • External API: Output API functions
  • Asynchronous communication model: Asynchronous communication model
  • Support for Input Method Editor or IME

For Firefox, Safari, Opera – NPAPI

Download with direct link

Windows version (view flash file in windows)

Download with direct link

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